Pilates is an appropriate and safe way to strengthen your “core” and stabilise your spine, from low back to neck. Our Pilates instructors practice “clinical pilates”. Each session is modified for the individual based on your personalised assessment results. Our exercises reflect the latest research based approaches used by Australian physiotherapists, who are at the forefront of using science to prove why pilates has been used successfully around the world. Pilates is essential in activating the deep core muscles of your body. These muscles are fundamental to you overall body movement and posture, our staff have the expertise in showing you the importance of these muscles and the difference it can make to your health and movement.

Pregnancy: Pilates is also safe for maintaining pre and post natal fitness. In our clinic your Pilates instructor is also a physiotherapist who has studied and understands the basis of efficient movement and how to achieve this with or without the presence of injury.