Portion Control

How much is too much?

Delicious Healthy Snack Ideas

That are rich in nutrients and low in calories

Breaking Naughty Eating Habits

Get a personalised plan to get you back on track to meeting your health goals

Nutrition Label Reading

What to look for when you do your next supermarket grocery trip

Eating Out

Learn how to make the best food choices when you're dining out or eating on the run

Mindful Eating

Learn the techniques to tune into your body and hunger signals to prevent excessive snacking


Are you trying to get your body back into shape?Want help busting more diet myths? Most of us know that diet and exercise the keys to weight loss and better health. But what exactly do you need to do and where do you start?

Nutrition at Penshurst Physiotherapy is here to help!

If you would like to bust more diet myths and find out more about any of the following topics, simply give us a call and make an appointment to see our Dietitian & Nutritionist.