First Sitting for too long, Now Posture!!!

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We constantly talk about what sitting for too long can do too you! Most recently we have been talking to our patients about how our posture is related to all this as well.

So what happens when prolonged sitting is combined with poor posture?

  1. Numerous studies highlight the relationship between prolonged sitting and poor posture with the development of back and neck pain. Due to poor posture while sitting, many individuals often adapt a more bent forward trunk position. This increases the pressure on the spinal discs and ligaments which can lead to back and neck pain from a number of sources.
  2. Prolonged sitting often occurs with seated computer work. When combined with poor posture, there is an increased static loading of muscles and ligaments in both the back and neck.
  3. As a result of prolonged loading and stretching of the muscles and ligaments, individuals (such as yourselves) have an increased risk of developing muscular pain in the neck, shoulders and back.
  4. The negative effects of poor posture and sitting are worsened with age as muscular strength naturally decreases as we grow older. As the muscles of the neck and back weaken, they are less capable of supporting the spine and the large amount of force that is placed on the spine every minute of the day. As a result, there is increased pressure on the ligaments and structures of the spine and may result in damage causing pain.

For magic tips on how YOU can avoid the above negative effects of prolonged sitting, stay tuned forĀ future blogs

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